Battle of the Birds

From the glider in Neil’s room, where I have been spending a lot of time recently, I can see part of our backyard, and the neighbor’s yard.  A few days ago I heard some strange noises, and I saw a turkey in the neighbor’s yard.  It seemed a bit agitated, but I didn’t see anything around.  As it flew into our yard, I noticed Tora stalking after it.  That night, Marcel brought in a feather that he had found in our front yard.  He thinks that Tora got close enough to pull it out, while I think the turkey dropped it as a distraction.

Yesterday, while doing dishes, I heard a crash on the back porch.  I looked back in time to see Tora jump against the window and knock over a bookcase.  Looking closer, I saw that she had somehow managed to bring a live blue jay through the cat door and onto the porch.    Because we neither wanted our porch destroyed, nor a bird in our house, Marcel opened the windows and let it escape.  Tora spent the next few minutes smelling the feathers on the ground, wondering what happened to her bird.

Tora’s hunting skills have definitely improved over the past year.  I’m just glad that a turkey won’t fit through the cat door.

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